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The emergence journal

   THE JURNALUL PEDIATRULUI Publishing was founded 20 years ago, at the initiative of the PROFILAXIS FOUNDATION-Timisoara (non profit organization founded by a group of physicians), as a necessity of approaching the pediatrics field so little represented at that time on a publicity level, both on a local plan and on a national one. Through the themes along the years, both as reviews and statistic working, it was possible to update some knowledge from the pediatrics specializations field: neonatology, nephrology, psychiatry, neurology, psychology, ENT, ophthalmology, surgery, orthopedics, radiology. In the meantime, the magazine raised the interest of the professionals from other university centers that felt honored to publish articles within its pages.

Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery


The formation of the editorial

   The editorial collective initially formed of young staff and with initiative, was progressively enlarged by the cooptation of some university personalities initially from Timisoara, and later from the country and currently from abroad, having a total number of 24 members that link in harmony the professional maturity, the scientific probity with the enthusiasm of the young generation, fact that led to the progressive growth of the quality standards both in content and in graphical presentation. Initially the magazine wad edited in Romanian language, but due to the progressive interest manifested by medical personalities form abroad, the entire magazine is edited currently in English language , this being also a result of the fact that we desire the perfecting of some exchanges with other specialty magazines from abroad. The editorial college includes new members from abroad (Israel, Italy, Sweden, Austria, U.S.A.) in relation to the initial Application form.

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ICV 2020= 75,99;

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About appearance print and online journal

   It is kept the regularity in the appearance of the magazine numbers and the graphic qualities of editing were improved.
   From 1996, the magazine is distributed also on the international plan based on order of some prestigious institutions (Austria). The appearances of the magazine from 2005 contain articles with authors from abroad (USA, India).
   The publication is open access end appeared until now regularly with a frequency of two numbers annually and our future intention is that the publication becomes quarterly. This fact explains the current numbering of the magazine.

Online ISSN: 2065 – 4855
Print ISSN: 2360 – 4557
Frequency of occurrence: biannual
CNCSIS code: 213, B+ category, 2010

Scholar Article Impact Factor = 1.189
SAIF Value for 2015 = 1.189

Scholar impact


Editorial Board of the journal



The articles send to our redaction must be organized after the format mentioned in the contact box- REQUIREMENTS MANUSCRIPT. The manuscripts will be processed in ...



The manuscript must be in English, typed single space, one column on A4 paper, with margins ...

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THE JURNALUL PEDIATRULUI welcomes quality manuscript submissions from both Romania and overseas authors. To facilitate a smooth publication process, authors who are considering submitting their manuscripts to THE JURNALUL PEDIATRULUI are strongly encouraged to read the following guidelines.

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The Paper cannot be published until this signed Publication Agreement is received.

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The Corresponding Author must send a Cover Letter with the article’s manuscript. The Cover Letter must be in English and should contain: the corresponding author’s address and the date in the upper left corner; the e-mail address for the Editor has to be written below, on the left; the body of the cover letter should contain these key points:



The articles send to our redaction must be organized after the format mentioned in the contact box- REQUIREMENTS MANUSCRIPT.

The manuscripts will be processed in English language and transmitted compulsory in electronic format (MS Word 2000/XP), to the coordinated mentioned in the contact box, professional pre-workings, returning to redaction. We insist on the compulsoriness of providing an e-mail address for the contact by the authors, for being able to be contacted ulterior, by the editorial collective.

When receiving the manuscript, the author receives a short confirmation e-mail, ulterior, the editorial verifies whether the formal requirements mentioned within the instructions for the authors are respected and whether this corresponds to the declared purpose of the magazine. If there are doubts, the editorial secretary consults one of the members of the editorial council.

In case the article does not correspond to the editorial requirements, the editorial adviser that received for assessment the manuscript notifies the author about the modifications that have to be made upon the manuscript for it to be accepted.

In case the article contains serious errors of content/ expression and/or if it does not correspond to the specific of the magazine, the manuscript is rejected with the head editor’s notice.

According to the formal evaluation of the article, by the revisers, hold within the monthly meeting of the editorial council, it is decided either the approval for publishing the article, either its approval after effecting some modifications or rejecting it.

The decision adopted in the editorial council is communicated to the main author through email or by phone.



The manuscript must be in English, typed single space, one column on A4 paper, with margins: top - 3 cm, bottom - 2,26 cm, left -1,5 cm, right - 1,7cm. A 10-point font Times New Roman is required.

The article should be organized in the following format: Title, Names of all authors (first name initial, surname), Names of institutions in which work was done (use the Arabic numerals, superscript), Abstract, Keywords,Text (Introduction, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions and/or Conclusions), References, and first author's correspondence address.


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