The articles send to our redaction must be organized after the format mentioned in the contact box- REQUIREMENTS MANUSCRIPT.

   The manuscripts will be processed in English language and transmitted compulsory in electronic format (MS Word 2000/XP), to the coordinated mentioned in the contact box,  professional pre-workings, returning to redaction. We insist on the compulsoriness of providing an e-mail address for the contact by the authors, for being able to be contacted ulterior, by the editorial collective.

   When receiving the manuscript, the author receives a short confirmation e-mail, ulterior, the editorial verifies whether the formal requirements mentioned within the instructions for the authors are respected and whether this corresponds to the declared purpose of the magazine. If there are doubts, the editorial secretary consults one of the members of the editorial council.

   In case the article does not correspond to the editorial requirements, the editorial adviser that received for assessment the manuscript notifies the author about the modifications that have to be made upon the manuscript for it to be accepted.

   In case the article contains serious errors of content/ expression and/or if it does not correspond to the specific of the magazine, the manuscript is rejected with the head editor’s notice.

   According to the formal evaluation of the article, by the revisers, hold within the monthly meeting of the editorial council, it is decided either the approval for publishing the article, either its approval after effecting some modifications or rejecting it.

   The decision adopted in the editorial council is communicated to the main author through email or by phone.


   The manuscript must be in English, typed single space, one column on A4 paper, with margins: top - 3 cm, bottom - 2,26 cm, left -1,5 cm, right - 1,7cm. A 10-point font Times New Roman is required.

   The article should be organized in the following format: Title, Names of all authors (first name initial, surname), Names of institutions in which work was done (use the Arabic numerals, superscript), Abstract, Keywords,Text (Introduction, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions and/or Conclusions), References, and first author's correspondence address

Georgetown University  Library,Washington

University Library of Regensburg

University of Kentucky Libraries

New York City College of Technology

The University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Tulsa - McFarlin Library

Birmingham Public Library

University of Ottawa

Library and Archives Canada

KING'S College London

York University Libraries

Flinders University Australia

GALEN U- niversity of California, San Francisco

The University of Brithis Columbia Library

Cornell University Library, Ithaca

Biblioteca CCG-IBT UNAM

The University of Kansas Libraries

University of Toronto Libraries

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